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Monitor systems and devices even if you can't reach the network they're on from your monitoring server

MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance

The MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance, built on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, integrates seamlessly with your existing Nagios monitoring server (or any other monitoring system that uses - or can use - Nagios compatible plugins), and makes it easy to monitor networks and devices in remote or hard to access locations.

The MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance is intended for use in remote locations, customer sites, or behind firewalls, where you might not have the direct access to the devices on that network.

Manage the MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance and the work it does through the MonBOX Management Service, or via the API, and monitor your devices and services without requiring any inbound access into the remote network. Or, open a single port on your remote firewall, and monitor everything on the remote network through a single access point using the MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance, with no VPN or complicated setup required.

Special Introductory Pricing

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Outside North America?

Unfortunately, the MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance is currently only available in North America, while we're in the process of ramping up. If you're outside North America, and interested, please let us know of your interest. Our apologies for not being able to help you out now!

MonBOX Management Service

Manage your MonBOX through the MonBOX Management Service