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Update - TEMPer Temperature Sensor Support for MonBOX

2013/11/23 The MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance now supports the TEMPer Gold USB thermometer (and similar products) from PCsensor. Temperature (and humidity with the TEMPerHM device) can be checked with the local check_tempers Nagios plugin, or through a simple web call. Read more: Temperature Monitoring with the MonBOX MBR

Update - WiFi support for MonBOX Remote Monitoring Appliance

2013/10/02 Just in time for Nagios World you can now connect your MonBOX to a WiFi network. For initial configuration of the WiFi settings you will need either a wired connection or a console and keyboard, but once configured the MonBOX can run happily with WiFI and a power connection. Most standard WiFi adapters should work, and will be available to purchase with your MonBOX soon.

Update - Trigger Checks and Periodic

2013/08/10 The admin menu and web interface on the MonBOX were updated to provide the ability to trigger checkins with the MMS, periodic housekeeping manually. This can be handy if you want something to update "right now". Trigger a device software update to add these features.